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Minimum System Requirements:

System: Broadband, Windows, 2GB RAM, 3GB HD, 2.5Ghz CPU

Graphics Card: nVida GeForce 7000 or ATI Radeon X1300 and higher

Welcome to 3Dchat's® Virtual World®

3Dchat® is the web's newest online virtual world® and MMO game. You can explore, and interact with other 3Dchat® members in our highly customizable virtual world® environment. The ever growing world is a fun place for people to meet, play and have fun.

Intro Video: What is 3Dchat®? And how do I get Started?

Latest 3Dchat® news

May 31st: Join us to celebrate summer June 4th at 3Dchat's Sunset Beach- Poolside for a POOL PARTY & BIKINI BASH! 11:30am-5:30pm Eastern Standard time!more...

May 17th: Release 7.2 has arrived!!! 3Dchat's new features include: Sexy nautical sailor outfit for men and women to recognize National Mari-Time Day! 4 new Mari-time day t-shirts men and wo...more...

May 15th: Join us at 3Dchat's Yacht to celebrate National Maritime Day! Held Tuesday, May 22nd 11:30-5:30pm Eastern Standard Time at 3Dchat's Yacht!more...

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